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What job would you hate?

I had a thought this morning (yes, just the one so far) and besides the really obvious nasty jobs that you see on reality TV shows the job I would hate most would be to be a helpdesk person.

Every so often I have to deal with a person at work who is very unfriendly and my day always deteriorates as soon as I have to speak to her. Helpdesk people have to deal with unhappy people the entire day! It would do my head in.

For the same reason I could never man a helpline – its an amazing and selfless thing to do but I have a very tiny capacity for dealing with people’s unhappiness (and I try to save it for my friends and family).

What would be your worst job?


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8 thoughts on “What job would you hate?

  1. Try telesales. That’s a sucky job. Shudder. Or handing out advertising pamphlets on the street corner.
    Looks like I might be able to tolerate my job quite well today after all!

    • Oooh telesales would be a shocker!! I know I’m pretty rude to those folk.

      How about the door to door religious and charity people? They make me miss my 8 foot high wall, electric fence, intercom and dogs.

      • Ah but it’s not just a ‘job’ for religious pests. It’s a CALLING! And so it is right and proper that you should be rude to them. They must be tested to see if they are worthy. Any rudeness to religious door bell botherers is really for their benefit not yours. You are undoubtedly feathering their heavenly nest for them with every unkind word. Consider it a duty.

  2. Anything to do with sewerage or refuse. Working at a cash register all day – must be boring. Anything call centre related would also be high on my list

  3. Oh it’s a long list for me.

    Plumber… need I say more.
    And like Barb, anything sewage/refuse related.

    And then, a whole list of medical professions… proctologist, dentist, podiatrist… you get the picture.

  4. Amelia on said:

    My worst job would be a carparking ticket validator person, who sits in those tiny booths all day checking peoples receipts and then opening the gate for them….Not only do they have to sit in a tiny box all day, they have to wear a uniform, and cant watch or listen to anything as they still have to interact with people on occasion and most often you dont even say hi to them as your are hurrying along with your day!!…. ahhhh id sleep in a camel carcus before I did that job!!!!!

  5. Michelle on said:

    I did a very brief stint in telesales (credit card insurance) and it was DREADFUL! Worst job ever, and I worked at McDonald’s for a year and a half while I was at school.

    Apart from the obvious gross things, I would HATE to be a butcher. I can’t stand touching raw meat and it would make my skin crawl.

    And I would never be able to be a psychologist or anything like that. I think the reasons for that are obvious.

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