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Do you prefer talking or text messaging?

Today’s Post a Day 2011 topic (or yesterday’s, or last week’s, I lose track) is Do you prefer talking or text messaging?

This is the quickest, easiest answer ever. I hate talking on the phone and I don’t give my landline number out to anyone as a result. I far prefer emailing, texting, Facebooking or just getting off my butt and going to speak to someone in person.

I’ve gotten over it to some extent when it comes to Skype – because that’s essentially a phonecall too – but I’ll still only use it if the video is on. As soon as its off I spend the time trying to read my emails at the same time, distracted by anything going on around me and making up excuses in my head as to why I need to get off the phone NOW.

What do you prefer?


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8 thoughts on “Do you prefer talking or text messaging?

  1. Cheryl on said:

    I hands down HATE talking on the phone!! I am the same as you and would rather send a text or email or go see the person I need to speak with.

    Glad I am not alone!

  2. I prefer instant messaging above most things, even email. It’s real time, but distant enough for an anti-social old frumpy like me.

  3. I’m not wild about either. Texting is fine if it’s a quick message to confirm an arrangement, but don’t come with “How’s it going? How are you? What’s up in your life?” in an sms. If you want to get social, don’t do it in 160 characters and don’t expect 15 replies from me. It’s pesky. IM is much better.

    • Agree re IM (and the endless rounds of texts). I also HATE text speak, I know you only have 160 characters but surely you can say what you need to using them without resorting to idiot-speak for the sake of a couple of characters. * sigh *

      Speaking of all that – I miss you on IM! And email!

      • Sigh.
        I’ll be back one day. Things are still so chaotic here that I don’t get 10 minutes in a day to do personal stuff. No exercise, no lying about, no book reading. Only time I get to read is a magazine in the loo. Am currently getting up early to do admin while N sleeps before I go to work (today is the pre-occupational snag list) and then come home to do more work. Hopefully just a couple more months!

  4. D and I argue about this all the time. He loves the phone – really he talks to his mates more than I have talked in my whole life on the phone 🙂

    I will do anything not to have to talk on the phone!

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