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What are you waiting for?

I am waiting for 5 o’ clock. Its Friday and I am anxious to get home and start the weekend.

I am waiting for payday (not mine, DH’s).

I’m waiting for a doctors appointment for DestructaBoy, knowing full well that the likely outcome to us seeing a doctor about him not sleeping is for the doctor to say “welcome to parenthood, now harden the f*ck up”. I know its cynical but we’ve had a bad run with doctors in the last few years so until I meet one who listens/cares I’ll be less than charmed about seeing them.

Re the above, I am waiting for our son to sleep for longer than 50 minutes. I didn’t think it could get worse than it was but it did.

I’m waiting for that blissful minute when I get to sit down with a bowl of icecream and chocolate sauce. Because of the sleep thing I haven’t been watching any TV or doing any blogging – my usual evening relaxation – but I have been indulging in lots of sugar.

I’m waiting for June when we go to Wellington for a weekend πŸ™‚

I’m waiting for a friend to get back from holiday so we can have a good natter.

I’m waiting for the Auckland Babywearing Walk. For the company more than the walk.

I’m waiting for a parcel to arrive in the mail (impatiently I’ll add).

Waiting… waiting… waiting…

What are you waiting for?


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9 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?

  1. Yvonne on said:

    Yoh T the sleep situation sounds dire 😦 I really do hope you manage to find a doc that can provide you with some help (or meds, or whatever it takes, lol).

    I’m waiting for my hubby to get home today after 3 weeks away!!! Very exciting day for us πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  2. wiseoldgran on said:

    Your baby does not sleep because:
    1. of the caffeine in your breastmilk. (Unless you drink absolutely no coffee, no black tea & no green tea during the day – or whatever wee hours anyway. All caffeine laden btw.)
    2. of the dairy in your diet = in your breastmilk. How much dairy is in your daily eating habits? If it’s not the caffeine; then it’s either CHOCOLATE, anything caramel – anything CREAMY or lactose-galore PLUS sugar, sugar, sugar….
    3. of spicy foods you ingest. The mildest curry. The saltiest snack. The exotic blends you may indulge in.
    4. (NB here) The quantity of light in the room he sleeps in. If you don’t have blinds PLUS thick curtains, please put up BLACK cardboard covering all the windows at night so it’s completely pitch, pitch black night.
    5. TRY formula milk at night & see how he’ll sleep & sleep & sleep..
    (Sorry to intrude on your blog; being an extremely private person myself & keeping my blog very protected – I hope this bit will help)

    • Bobchannz on said:

      Sleeping is really tricky. My daughter was a catnapper – 45mins only. I used the sleepstore’s advice for fixing daytime catnapping – I brought a giant straightjacket swaddle thing and she slept for two hours. She is eight months old and just came off swaddling this weekend.

      My daughter has started waking at night again and I think she needs help getting herself back to sleep. My older daughter learnt to suck her fingers and cuddle a bunny toy from about this age so I’m trying to teach her that because I know it has worked before.

      Mum’s who live in countries where they eat spicy food have the same sleep experiences as those from countries whose diet is traditionally bland. You have to be drinking A LOT of caffeine every day to impact on a baby’s sleep (I think it is about four+ coffees). It isn’t sugar or lactose (look up the composition of breastmilk and you will see why). If your baby was showing signs of food intolerance/ allergy then they would be showing up in other ways, not just sleep.

      My husband is a GP and they know very little about sleep.

      Some sites say it takes three days to break a bad sleep habit. It took me ten.

      Pick one kind of advice that makes sense to you, and follow it for four days (make sure you have some help and some earplugs and take turns with your partner).

      Good luck.

      • Thanks Bobchannz! He used to suck his thumb and slept better then but he seems to have “forgotten” to do this and any attempts to get his thumb near his mouth make him really angry. At least now that my partner is no longer working shifts I have help during the night (and the lovely man even let me have a lie-in on Sunday morning).

  3. Wiseoldgran – The first 2 made me laugh. I’m a diet coke/chocolate addict. Had it at night & during the day and my son was waking once a night from a week old!

  4. We went through a stage for at least two months where our little lad wouldn’t sleep longer than an hour – day AND night. It was torture! So I know how you feel – I hope it improves soon. In our case, I was religeously avoiding caffeine (I’d stopped having any when trying to conceive him, hadn’t had any while pregnant, and was worried even the tiniest bit would wreak havoc on his sleep so avoided it), so it wasn’t that by ANY stretch of the imagination. Funnily enough, now he’s sleeping through, I’ve started introducing caffeine back slowly, without a single negative effect on his sleep.

  5. Some kids sleep, some kids don’t. It’s that simple.
    Both ours slept well as babies, sleeping through before 2 months old… and both started sleeping badly when they got older. Time was all that worked in the end. Even now, The Baby still doesn’t sleep through every night.

  6. Amelia on said:

    Wise Old Gran….
    I dont know how accurate your advice may be…
    It seems odd that I drank plenty of coke, coffee and had my fair share of chcoclate while I was breastfeeding, and my son since 6 weeks has slept through 12-13 hours every night without waking??
    I think the safest thing to say is that every child is so vastly different. You cannot generalise or assume that all children will react the same way to the same things.

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