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5 must-read web sites

I spend all day and most of the night on the net so there are always more sites I love and think “I really must share this!”

Here are my current 5…

1. Ask Moxie – really pragmatic advice on parenting (and life in general). My favourite was her quick and dirty post on babies and sleep

2. Clients from Hell. I visit here daily to remind myself that my own clients aren’t nearly this sucky. Yet.

3. Enjoying the Small Things – by Kelle Hampton. Amazing photography, beautiful style and a gorgeous family.

4. I’m Gonna Kill Him – the tagline is “you agreed on I do and not a single thing since”. Funny as hell – especially if you also sometimes feel like you have a special needs husband.

5. Scary Mommy. She makes me do the snort laugh (yeah, go on, pretend you’ve never done the snort laugh). Especially when she’s annoyed, like here


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5 thoughts on “5 must-read web sites

  1. Great sites! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cheryl Shearer on said:

    I think I am in love with scary mommy. Who do people think they are complaining about our language on our own pages. keep up the good work T, I love this blog!!!

  3. Bron on said:

    Hee hee!
    Love the Scary Mommy one. It’s like letting your kids watch TV until 2am and then writing to the papers cos they saw some S E X !!!!

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