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Whats your favourite number?

This is a bit of an arb Post a Day 2011 topic but what the heck.

My favourite number is 13. I know, its supposed to be unlucky and I’m probably just being obtuse by choosing it but I’ve always liked the number 13 and when I’m feeling a little OCD I like to do everything in multiples of 13. So I’ll only put things in the microwave for 13 seconds, or 26 seconds (tough luck if it burns, I am not opening that door until it hits the magic number), I’ll stir my tea 13 times, I’ll leave my radio volume on 13 (even if its just a tad too loud). Arb, but true!

Whats your favourite number?


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2 thoughts on “Whats your favourite number?

  1. Trivial 13 facts:
    There is no row number 13 on Kulula’s planes.
    When the air hostess does her “bye and thanks for flying with us” patter she often says:
    “Please make sure you take all your belongings with you. Anything left behind will be kept and shared between the desperate crew. If you are going to leave anything behind, please make sure it is valuable. No children and no spouses. But the delicious man in seat number 13a – you can stay behind any time! Yummy!”
    The Chris Barnard hospital does not have a floor 13. No number 13 in the elevator.
    I refuse to have one fave number. I can’t pick between 7 and 5 so I have two. You’re contrary and I’m indecisive 🙂

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