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Not a bloggy week

The sleep deprivation has really got me down this week so I just haven’t had the time or inclination to blog. I’ve gone and bought the “No cry sleep solution” book and then wanted to cry myself when I got to halfway and it was still in the set up phase… damn it I need solutions NOW.

I have read one very good book this week though – Wally Lamb’s ‘She’s Come Undone’ – it started out a bit slow but by halfway I couldn’t put it down. Really recommend it!


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10 thoughts on “Not a bloggy week

  1. Funny – seems sleep is a theme this week 😉

    I can highly recommend “Save Our Sleep” by Tizzie Hall. I used it as a guide with both kids and I am not a believer of crying to sleep, or let them cry it out. Thankfully it hasn’t been too much of an issue.

    • I cant handle any form of controlled crying or cry it out so I’m trying to avoid any book that even suggests it. I know lots of people who say I’m obviously not tired enough yet if I wont try it (and I have a few things to say to them but none are blog safe 🙂

      Its not that I want him to sleep through the night – but for just a few hours!!

  2. LatteJunkie on said:

    It made me cry too and I never got any further with it. I also never got tired enough to use Tizzie Hall…

    HUGS hun!!

  3. Michelle on said:

    I found No Cry Sleep Solution very vague and waffly and not too useful. Won’t do controlled crying either (despite my 17-year-old sister knowingly telling me she saw it on TV so OBVIOUSLY that’s how you get a baby to sleep, duh), so I just have to deal with co-sleeping for now, It’s the only way she’ll sleep at the moment!

  4. I have no advise Tanya 😦

    Cameron was a bad sleeper for the first year but settled on his own after that. Kiara was a good sleeper for the first year and then it all fell apart. She slept through when was almost 6! We tried EVERYTHING!!!!

    What about meds? Just to break the habit? Why is he waking though?

    • Doctors here wont give meds unless your child is at deaths door. You get the feeling you’d have social services at your door if you even asked!

      He just doesnt self-soothe, so he wakes up and then needs to be breastfed to go back to sleep. He’s only having 2 full feeds during the night, the rest of the time is just comfort feeding.

      • Monkey was like that… I don’t remember what we did exactly to break it. But I now that when he was 20 months and I tried to drop to one feed a day he just stopped waking at night (and feeding at all :()

        I hope you find something that works, we were thinking of trying phenegan to break the habit but when he was prescribed it for something or another he didn’t sleep for 19 hours – so it doesn’t work for all kids!

      • We had the same Phenergan problem with Isabella – were prescribed it for a flight and she ended up awake and hyper the whole way… so a little nervous to use it with Emmett!

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