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Behind every succesful woman, there’s a wife

My friend Bron sent me this ABC News article over the weekend and reading it made me want to yell “f*ck yeah!” (sorry gran).

Once again, here we are at International Women’s Day, arguing about whether we need a quota system to ensure more women get on the boards of big companies.

I’ve got an idea for a quota.

How about we work towards 30 per cent of men taking up the role of “Wife” by 2015?

For all of our agonising about workplace culture, professional pathways, mentoring, partnerships for success and whatnot, it’s as plain as dog’s bollocks that the main reason women are under-represented in the senior echelons of just about any professional field is that they hardly ever have wives.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – I was lucky to have a stay-at-home hubby for a year and we share the housework now that we’re both working full-time. But I do think its much easier for a woman to have a successful career when she has a similar level of support to the support men with stay-at-home-wives have.

I know I was able to function best at work when I was fortunate enough to have a full-time nanny and housekeeper. I knew my child was being looked after wonderfully, I didn’t have to do any housework and I could concentrate on my job during the day and just relax and enjoy my family when home.

Sometimes I feel a bit like we’ve been screwed by feminism because instead of just allowing us the choices we hoped for it’s left us trying to do absolutely everything and not feeling like we’re doing anything properly.


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7 thoughts on “Behind every succesful woman, there’s a wife

  1. F**k yeah!!

    Have recently moved in to live with my sister and her family. We were both commenting the other day how much easier things were now that we have another ‘Mum’ to hold the fort and back each other up.

    • I know another family that also lives in similar circumstances – extended family in one home with one women looking after the household and supporting the rest of the family so they can work effectively. Can also be hard having a number of women under one roof though!

  2. Gillian on said:

    Hear hear!

    In my office one day…
    Me – “Hi Jay, could you move your car please”
    Jay – “Going home so early”
    Me – “I’ve got to go collect the kids from nursery”
    Jay – “I’ve got two small children as well and you don’t see me leaving early”
    Me – “No, but you’ve got a wife!!!”

  3. I really really really like this post… and the comments… 🙂

  4. Awesome post!! I completely get you there… Lance was without work for about a year.

  5. Thank the gods I am back from the coast and back to internet that actually functions. Am twitching from withdrawal. Been itching to comment on all your posts but the bloody signal was so slow I couldn’t even load the comments page. :-p
    Anyhoo – glad you liked the article!

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