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Brotherly Love?

I’ve been watching the Diva & DestructaBoy playing recently and its made me think about the relationship I have with my own siblings.

DestructaBoy absolutely worships the Diva, following her around the house (in a slow but steady leopard crawl) and killing himself laughing whenever she does something different/repetitive. And the Diva thinks he’s pretty awesome too. She’s happy to go to great lengths clowning around to amuse him and loves showing him off to anyone near enough to be subjected to “This is my brother. Look at my brother. He’s a baby boy. He’s so cute and chubby. This is my DestructaBoy. Do you have an DestructaBoy? I have a nice DestructaBoy. he’s my brother”… repeat).

When we were kids we alternated between being best mates and trying to kill each other (damn near successfully a few times). Now that we are adults I get on brilliantly with my sister but haven’t spoken to my brother in many years. We’re too similar and its all just too hard. I know our estrangement is uncomfortable for the rest of the family – although hopefully easier now that we live on different continents and they can pretend its due to distance ;).

I’m so enjoying all the sibling love in the house and I am dreading the day when they decide they can’t stand each other – it feels inevitable.

Do you get on with your siblings?


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6 thoughts on “Brotherly Love?

  1. I don’t have any siblings… sometimes I’m sad about it, and other times glad.

    Watching The Boy and The Baby interact has made me wonder what it might have been like growing up with siblings. But, knowing several grown up siblings who aren’t too fond of eachother, perhaps I have been spared the pain of that? Who knows.

    Enjoy watching Belle and Emmett… they sound beyond adorable with one another. I love how besotted the littleys can get with their older sibling/s 😀

    • I cant imagine growing up without siblings – it was one of the reasons we had a second child. Even if they end up hating each other there’s a feeling of being connected to someone else, of having a shared history. I am loving the relationship Belle & Emmett have so far!

  2. Sibling love is truly amazing, it’s my favourite thing about kids at the moment.
    Admittedly though my brother and I aren’t huge fans of each other…I think many things come into play, personality etc…but for us at least we’re still in contact.

  3. hope that even if they get to that stage of not liking it other much that it is only temporary.

    I get on with all 3 siblings – growing up that was not always the case – loved but did not always like.

  4. I don’t think it’s inevitable that they one day “can’t stand eachother” (well certainly not for any meaningful amount of time). Then again – I’ve not lived with my boet since he was 9 years old and I moved into my own place.. we get along FABULOUSLY! 🙂

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