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Got some lovely Aveeno stuff

When the Diva was a baby she was allergic to soap and we used some pretty expensive organic washes and creams, this time round I was hoping we wouldn’t have the same issue… and sure enough we don’t, except DestructaBoy has excema so again we have to be cautious about what we use with him.

I wasn’t up for buying loads of different products until we found one that worked this time so we’ve been bathing him with aqueous cream and using it to moisturise. Its horrible stuff that leaves globs in the bath and is hard to get out of his hair.

So I was pretty excited when Kiwi Mummy Blogs sent me some lovely Aveeno baby products to try. They’re specifically for sensitive skins and they included the creams recommended for excema.

I’ve been using them on both kids for a week with no signs of any problems and DestructaBoy’s excema has been nicely under control. I will admit that I’ve been using rather a lot of them myself as well!

My favourite is the Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo which smells divine and allowed my kids to have a very rare bubble bath (I know… very wasteful to use 1/4 bottle on a bubble bath but well worth it as a treat). I’m using the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion on the kids every day and saving the Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream for DestructaBoy’s excema areas… and my legs after I shave πŸ˜›

Off to run another bubblebath!


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5 thoughts on “Got some lovely Aveeno stuff

  1. That is SUCH a gorgeous photo!

  2. Sounds like lovely products!

    And that boy of yours!!! He is just edible!

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  4. Fantastic that you found a product that works

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