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Your kids will make liars of you

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. You know, your kid never sleeps… until you go to someone else’s place. Or they don’t eat certain food… until its served by someone else.

DestructaBoy has been sick for days. Coughing, snotty, vomiting, diarrhea, high temperature, a rash, clingy and lethargic. Until we get him to the doctor of course, then he perks up, smiles, babbles and tries to play with the doctors equipment. The doctor looks at me and says in *that* tone of voice “Is this your first baby?”.

Translation “you’re paranoid and probably wasting my time”. He followed it by telling me that DestructaBoy is the happiest, healthiest kid he’s seen all day.

I didn’t bite his head off which I think is very restrained of me given how sleep deprived I am.

A Plunket nurse once said “your children will make liars of you” when similar happened and it seems like Murphy’s law that as soon as I complain about something to someone else they’ll do this.

So, on record, this is me complaining bitterly about no sleep!! Wonder if it’ll work…


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7 thoughts on “Your kids will make liars of you

  1. I hope it works 🙂

    You could try rescue remedy sleep – I used to dose Kian with that when I was desperate… It seemed to work… stretched him to about 3 hours 🙂

    • I will definitely find some to try – must also still get my hands on that “no cry sleep solution” book. I’m starting to spend my nights counting down the hours until I can go to work – because its quiet here and most days no one screams at me.

  2. Bronwyn on said:

    Can’t comment about it in relation to kids, but my car and computer do the same thing to me. A terrible diesel smell used to follow me around in my bakkie. Right up until I took it in to Toyota. Whereupon it stopped and I got that look from the mechanic. The one that says “Me Mechanic. You Woman. You Stupid.” Same look your doctor gave you. Same story at SAC Diesel. The second time SAC got their hands on it they discovered a bent part in the diesel pump which sometimes aligned and sometimes didn’t. Pity the snotty mechanic wasn’t there…
    I think the whole thing is more about Murphy than your kids. They are just innocent pawns in his hands!

  3. WHY do they do this. Mine will be barely able to stand up UNTIL I am in the Drs waiting rooms then they are racing around so much that people say “Shame sit down your mom isnt well” – drives me MENTAL!

  4. Guaranteed to happen!! Drives me insane!! I look like a fool every time

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