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The Best Roadtrip Ever

I’ve missed a few Post of the Day 2011 topics because I’ve had other things to blog about – so this is an old one.

I’ve done a couple of good roadtrips but my favourite was a month-long trip to Thailand in 2004 that started with me and a small backpack and ended with a good friend and about 40kg’s of shopping.

I landed in Bangkok and met up with Dina and we spent the next few weeks traveling together, going wherever we felt like at the time.

I love Bangkok – so much that I’d love to live there one day – its a busy, dirty, exciting city that buzzes 24 hours a day. Really enjoyed the temples, the massages and of course the shopping. Then we headed south for some Island-hopping. This picture was taken on Than Sadet Beach, Ko Phangan where we stayed for a few days. It had beautiful cabins perched on massive boulders in the sea and it was amazing to sleep at night hearing the waves crashing on the rocks below the cabin.

My favourite place we visited was Ko Lanta – with shallow aquamarine water, friendly people and awesome food. I’d love to spend more time here in future.

I came back with a good tan, a love for Thai food and well… all that shopping. Would do it all again in a heartbeat!


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2 thoughts on “The Best Roadtrip Ever

  1. Sounds like an idyllic trip!

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