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What keeps you up at night?

Post a Day 2011 recently asked “what keeps you up at night?”.

Besides DestructaBoy, the thing keeping me up at night is worrying about finances. Money is tight!!!

The cost of living has risen so fast in the last couple of years and I think like most people our income just hasn’t kept up. I really don’t know how people are managing. We are budgeting our butts off and still not quite getting through 😦

We haven’t yet traded in our cars for bicycles or sold our furniture on Trademe but some months it feels like we’re fast approaching that point.

What’s been keeping you up at night? (and how are you getting through the month?)


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4 thoughts on “What keeps you up at night?

  1. We are also trying our best to budget…

    I try to buy all my veges and fruit at the market as it’s cheaper and dropping the meat seems to have helped… I also find that having a set menu for the week really helps 🙂

    But it’s hard work with a mortgage, wanting a life, car payments etc…

    I feel ya pain!

  2. Bronwyn on said:

    Thank goodness you guys don’t smoke or drink. It might make coping easier but the problem worse…

    I get kept awake at night by the thought of all the crap going on with my Mom’s house that is being built and how god-awful the builders are and how we are being mega screwed over by the developers. And I think of all the emails I have to write the next day and all the following up I have to do and all the fights I have to have with them, and poof – there goes the sleep.
    Then I think about how I also have to read the legal documents for the house that is being sold and deal with estate agents for the other house that is being sold and how exactly I am going to fit it all in between work and giving my boyfriend the time with me that he needs. Ha! Sleep?

  3. Menopause keeps me up at night…

    spread the humor:

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