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A gift for new moms

I watched this video on Jenty’s Blog (originally from The Maternal Lens) and loved it so much I just had to share it here too.



If you were to go back to right before you had your first child, what would you tell yourself?

I think my list would look something like this:

1. It all goes so fast, enjoy it! In fact I am sure I was told this by my other mum friends… and I didn’t listen. I’m listening this time round.

2. Those late nights pacing the hallways with your baby are a blessing.

3. Throw the parenting books away, your baby hasn’t read them.

4. Trust yourself.

5. Look after yourself, you cant be there for your family if you are exhausted, hungry, thirsty etc. Happy Mum = Happy Family

6. It’s ok to need some time alone.

7. The housework can wait.

8. Meet other mums! You’ll need a support system.

9. Let your partner parent his way (unless it means watching you parent from the safety of the couch with a beer).

10. Only you know whats best for your baby, only listen to the advice that sounds like it would work for you and your baby.


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10 thoughts on “A gift for new moms

  1. Children may be small, but they’re people too… they won’t always want to do what you want them to, and sometimes you have to OK with that.

  2. Yeah, those baby books are a nightmare!

  3. Amelia on said:

    I think the one thing that I got out of your blog today was to let my hubby parent his way… i too often dictate what I think he should/shouldnt be doing…


    • Its easy to do, especially if you’re an A-type personality and like being in control – I know I get very frustrated when I see him doing things differently to the way I do them. I keep having to remind myself that he has his own way of doing things and though its different its not wrong. Good luck!

      • Amelia on said:

        How do I know if I am an A type personality? I suppose I do like to be in control… Because I am at home and do most things for Harry, I think I know best when DH gets home….

  4. LOVE IT!! May have to borrow the video and idea as it’s my 200th post today… I need inspiration 🙂

  5. Love your list!!

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