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100th post

Wow, 100 posts made. That didn’t take very long at all! (and so much for blogging intermittently). Even more surprising than writing 100 posts is the fact that people are reading them 🙂

So a little summary of the last lot of posts made…

Worst post so far

Would you rather be intelligent or good looking. What a blah post, definitely a day where I didn’t have a whole lot to say.

Easiest post to write

11 things I want to do in 2011 – this was super easy because there is always loads I want to do (and never get round to). I think I’ve crossed off quite a bit so far considering we’re only in March!

Posts that received the most attention

Funnily enough not the ones I’d have expected, but here are the top 5 posts so far:

Thank heavens for skype

A day in the life of an online mum

Facebook is not a replacement for conversation

5 things I never want to put in my mouth

Nowhere I’d rather be

My favourite posts

My favourite posts so far are all vents, not surprising because this is the perfect space for it 🙂

Facebook is not a replacement for conversation

Is he a good baby?

People who annoy me


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8 thoughts on “100th post

  1. Whoop!! Well done you! I love reading your blog and I am not just saying that 🙂

    Here’s to the next hundred!!

  2. Bronwyn on said:

    I’ve been laughing about the “intermittent” bit for a while now 😉

  3. I heart your blog big time

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