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10 Guilty Pleasures

1. This blog and the time I dedicate to it

2. Curry with colleagues once a week

3. Wallowing in a very hot bath on my own

4. Listening to George Michael cd’s in the car

5. Buying recipe books, reading them as though they were novels and never making any of the recipes

6. Always being ‘connected’. I check my email on my iPhone as I walk between rooms, in case I missed something in the few seconds since I stepped away from my PC

7. Really bad television, the cheesier the better. Give me Survivor, The Amazing Race and Masterchef any day! And I love voyeuristic rubbish like Border Control… nothing better than being able to rummage through someone else’s luggage 😉

8. Kapiti lemongrass & ginger icecream. Sadly very seldom available.

9. Terry’s Orange Chocolate

10. Driving on my own with the music turned up so loud the windows shake. Extra points if its Freshly Ground or Johnny Clegg 😛


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5 thoughts on “10 Guilty Pleasures

  1. I am with you on the hot bath 🙂 I have one every morning and shut the noise from the kids out and just wallow! LOVE it!

  2. Bronwyn on said:

    Mwahaha! Number 7 – The Biggest Loser – watched in Kensington while wallowing on the couch and stuffing our faces with as much food as we could lays our paws upon. Awesomeness!
    And number 6 – I confess I am like that too. Get the twitches when I am away from my computer.

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