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How we ended up here

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Post a day asked recently “how did you end up where you are now?” and I think its a decent question.

I grew up in South Africa, a gorgeous place full of wonderful, vibrant people. Unfortunately its also full of crime. Which is manageable when you’re a single adult and can look after yourself, but when we had children I felt a lot less safe, a lot more exposed. We weighed up the pro’s and cons of moving and decided that even though the sacrifices were many we needed to move somewhere safer.

We looked briefly into the UK (DH said “no.”), Canada (too long an immigration process), Australia (points system and we weren’t on any skills shortages lists) and then New Zealand. Out of them all NZ seemed to have the speediest immigration process so we popped over for 10 days of interviews, headed home, sold our house, packed our stuff and arrived back in NZ to start work 6 weeks later.

It was the right decision for us at the time and New Zealand has been very good to us – but we really miss having a good support system and living near family. We miss everyone more than we thought possible.

We’d like to do another 2 moves before our kids leave home, just because we can!

The next place we live will be within 40 or 50km’s of an immediate family member (preferably one we like). It will have a moderate climate, affordable housing, good schooling and be reasonably safe. It will have a reasonable cost of living relative to average income – I don’t want every month to be a struggle to pay for the bare essentials when we earn a good wage. Sounds like Utopia!


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5 thoughts on “How we ended up here

  1. When you find Utopis, please share and we can move with you πŸ˜€

  2. Interesting read, as we are about to head off to Aus. Not looking forward to being separated from family!

  3. Bronwyn on said:

    Hurry up and move already. Then I can come and visit you in a new country πŸ™‚

  4. Hope you find your Utopia πŸ™‚

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