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Do you work too much?

This week NaBloPoMo asked “do you work too much?”. If I’d been asked a year ago I’d have had to say yes. The working hours in IT and advertising are both brutal and thankless. Nothing is more important than meeting deadlines and making budget even if both are arbitrary.

When DestructaBoy was 4 months old we needed me to go back to work to cover our mortgage but I wasn’t willing to keep working long hours to meet unreasonable demands so I decided to give contracting a shot. I’m 2 months into a 3 month contract and so far so good! I’ve been working 35 – 40 hours a week. Practically a holiday 😛

Now hold thumbs my contract gets extended!


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2 thoughts on “Do you work too much?

  1. Jeez, that’s lucky… in our company there’s no difference between contract worker and full timers, they work just as many hours

    • I think that’d be the case in most companies and the only difference would be that a contractor would be fairly paid for working silly hours. I’ve been lucky to get a contract at a very laid-back company… but I still like the protection of being paid an hourly rate (also means I dont feel guilty if I go home early)

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