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Describe your dream vacation

If money was no object what would your dream vacation be?

Mine would be somewhere with great food, Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand and would mainly revolve around staying in a very luxurious hotel with a good children’s programme so the kids could be entertained for an hour or two every day and we could have a time out. I don’t necessarily mean being physically apart from the kids – just not having to think up activities to fill each and every day would be a break.

I’d want an air-conditioned suite with two bedrooms, a lounge area and a bathroom with a bath & shower. It’d be ground floor and open up onto a sprawling lawn. There’d be a few different swimming pools, some beautiful scenery and of course, wonderful restaurants.

I’d want somewhere with amazing snorkelling, interesting markets, parks and reserves. And an in-room masseuse service wouldn’t go amiss either!

We can always dream, hey?


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4 thoughts on “Describe your dream vacation

  1. We are doing Thailand in September and I’m totally looking forward to that…I’ve wanted to do it since I read and watched The Beach. Next I would love to see Israel, Turkey and Croatia!

  2. Easy – I want to go to Kenya to watch the Masai Mara migration but I want to drive up 🙂

    So I would want a luxury 4×4 vehicle, stop overs where and when we wanted to.

    Accomodation once we got their in a 5 star lodge and then a hot air balloon over the migration!

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