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When teleportation is possible…

When teleportation is possible… where would you teleport yourself first?

For me, it’d be to my sister in L.A. – its been far too long since I last saw her and I know she’s been having a rough time lately. I’d teleport over there with curry & chocolate and spend a few hours nattering over cups of tea 🙂

So, where would you go first?


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6 thoughts on “When teleportation is possible…

  1. I actually don’t know! 🙂

    Mmmm… will have to think about it!

  2. Bronwyn on said:

    I’d probably just be grateful I could nip between Jhb and CT at a moment’s notice.
    Good lord, it would save me a pile on airfare…
    And how tremendously grateful I would be not to have to deal with Kulula’s kak every second week!

  3. Mark Johnson on said:

    Los Angeles by way of Auckland of course … if time travel were part of the package – in time to see the gorgeous Belle’s reaction to the trampoline.

  4. aaaaw,in imaginary teleportation land, could we have tea and curry on venice beach?

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