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Best & worst gifts received

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? What’s the worst?

My favourite gift so far has been my Scanpan pot. When DH asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said “a good pot”, he looked puzzled. Maybe it is an odd thing to request as a gift but I love cooking and baking and for the longest time I’ve been using horrible old non-stick pots with wobbly, warped bases and they take some of the pleasure out of cooking for me. He picked a beautiful 18cm Scanpan Impact Pot with a heavy base and stainless steel handle. I like it so much I often end up washing it halfway through cooking so I can use it for more than one part of the meal. Next year, for my birthday I’d like a matching pan (hint, hint)

Worst gift so far was when I participated in an International Secret Santa on one of the forums I frequent and received a particularly hideous tea towel from Denmark. I cant describe exactly what it looked like, I think it was so ugly that the trauma has erased all the details from my mind 😛


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8 thoughts on “Best & worst gifts received

  1. My worst was also a secret santa one… 4 matching naff tealight holders that I had seen at the $2 shop and laughed at anyone ever owning… Karma sucks right!

    Best gift… A friend gave us a weekend away for our anniversary two years ago, and my in laws gave us a dishwasher… Hard to pick which we liked more 🙂

  2. Michelle on said:

    What forums are these? I want an ugly, Danish tea towel! 😀

    I don’t really think I’ve had many bad gifts… I did get a pair of jandals once that were about three sizes too big. They were like giant planks!

  3. haha re the teatowel!! We’ve received horrible secret santa presents too. I so need good pots!

  4. Bronwyn on said:

    I got a bottle of Sambuka from my “best friend” for my 21st. It was so unspecial. Particularly since I’d spent about 6 hours shopping for her present a couple of months before. Even better – we’d been “best friends” since we were 3 years old. After 18 years she didn’t know that I don’t touch Sambuka – can’t stand the stuff.

  5. If I asked Jason for a good pot I would get a much smaller and less useful package, that is, in effect, quite similar to a weekend away 😉

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