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Other people’s blog posts I love

I love reading other people’s blogs and my Google Reader is checked at least 5 times a day. So here’s a few blog posts by other people that I’ve loved lately…

Craving Calm on being single: “I never ever envisaged having to mow the lawns, pump up bike tires, clear guttering, educate my son about his foreskin, clean maggots from my rubbish bin…the list goes on.  So I dedicate this post to 10 ACTUAL reasons to find a husband.”

Dad’s House on when a Friend with Benefits starts dating (this made me giggle because it was just such a “male” post, kwim?): “So when my most recent FWB told me she had started dating, I wasn’t surprised or angry. Disappointed, maybe, since the sex was so good. But if she’s found a man she thinks she wants to be with long term, then more power to her. She deserves to be happy. That didn’t stop me from trying to sleep with her one last time.”

Latte Junkie’s post about her mom: “This morning I woke up to a text/sms from my mom, saying “I went paragliding!”. It made me realise a few things.”

STFU Parents often makes me laugh, especially the mommy-jacking posts because we all have friends on Facebook that do this… you know, it doesnt matter what you say they manage to work in a comment about their “BAYBEEEEE”

The Reluctant Mom who says things most of us think but don’t dare say (and even a few things where I think “did she really just say that?” on her not playing well with others and parenting forums: “I am not a group person. I don’t really like to sit around with other moms and chat about my baby, and then their baby, and then whose baby rolled over first.  I actually really do not enjoy it. I am barely interested in when my baby rolled over, I am definitely not interested in when your baby rolled over. Sad, but true.”

I Wrote This for You – as always, beautiful writing and images: “This is my skin. It keeps out the rain and words I’d rather not hear like “I’m tired” or “I’m fine” or “We need to talk.””

Edited to add…

A Million Miles from Normal’s post on things men should never be allowed to invent: “I have scientific proof that the pregnancy test was invented by a man. Okay, so maybe not scientific proof, but I once took one, and that was all the proof I needed.”


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2 thoughts on “Other people’s blog posts I love

  1. Mark Johnson on said:

    Nice. And you ask “Where do you find this stuff?”

  2. I think Reluctant Mom may just be my latest blog crush!!!!

    I am desperate to meet her and kiss her feet!

    Dads House is great too 🙂

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