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Leaving in a hurry

Watching the news with dread for the Queenslanders as Cyclone Yasi approaches made me wonder what I’d do if we were in the same position.

I can only imagine I’d tell work I’d see them when I saw them, head home to pack the car with a week’s worth of clothes and a few personal items, fetch the family and start driving as far and fast as we could. I think we’d hole up in a hotel somewhere and wait for everything to settle before heading home again.

And what would you pack? All I can think of are our PC’s because they have years and years of photos, and DH’s camera equipment because the cost of replacing it would be crippling.

Would you batten down the hatches and wait it out or would you, like me, head for the hills?


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2 thoughts on “Leaving in a hurry

  1. `Head for the hills if it was me!

  2. I’d be packing up and leaving as fast as possible as well. Living in a coastal town I’d be terrified of storm surge. I’d definitely take my pc as well (cos of the photos) and also the kid’s scrapbooks.

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