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A day in the life of an online Mum

The graphic below is from the UK – how accurate do you think it’d be for you? I definitely find I have less time online now that I have a pre-schooler.


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6 thoughts on “A day in the life of an online Mum

  1. Amelia on said:

    Id say that chart is spot on!!… Or very close to it.. Im guilty for surfing the net while watching t.v……
    I suppose I am making the most of my down time while my boy is sleeping well through the day…..

    • Yeah, when I was home on maternity leave Emmett was having around 3 naps a day – I’d try to use the 1st to clean the house, the 2nd I’d either nap with him or make myself something to eat and the 3rd I’d watch TV or go online (or both at the same time). Wish I could still be home with him – although he hardly sleeps during the day now!

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  3. I have more time now that the kids are bigger and can occupy themselves without me watching BUT only last week did we fix Camerons PC – before then I had to wrestle him for PC time!!!!

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