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What do working moms make for dinner?

I saw this post by Amy Graff on the Baby Centre website and it made me think about what other working mom’s do to get dinner on the table at a decent hour.

While I don’t make the same meal 5 days in a row (genius idea but I’m not sure I could stomach it!) I do have a few shortcuts and multitask like crazy.

Once I’ve finished work, fetched the kids and got home its usually around 6pm. So I need to wash & sterilise bottles, run a bath, entertain the kids and cook simultaneously. Some nights I am smart and have something in the slow cooker ready for me to just add rice/couscous and serve but most nights I end up trying to find the fastest possible meal so we can get fed, bathed and doing the bedtime routine.

This evening was corn on the cob and cheese on toast. Hardly a meal! Favourite fast meals are pies (thank heavens for ready-made puff pastry), macaroni cheese, spaghetti bolognaise, bangers & mash… I really need to add to my repertoire.


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4 thoughts on “What do working moms make for dinner?

  1. I am the queen of quick meals! I get home at 16h00 – kids are fed by 17h00 πŸ™‚

    Anything with mince is always a win – and quick!

    We eat lots of chicken, which if defrosted is quick to cook. Chicken-a-la king etc etc

    I usually start cooking as soon as I walk in and then do other stuff in between!

    Fishfingers are also a win – quick and easy!

  2. I don’t work ATM, but I’m often lazy.

    We do a lot of stews, curries, rice risottos (with lots of veggies, not just rice :P) and make them in double or triple quantities and freeze the extra portions.

    So on lazy nights I can either reheat a rice risotto, or cook some rice and reheat a curry, or cook spuds and reheat a stew. Quick, and can be left cooking while you run around doing other bits and pieces too πŸ™‚

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