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Thank heavens for Skype

Emigration is lonely, lonely, lonely. You don’t realise how much your support system – family & friends – mean to you until you cant see them. You know you’ll miss them but the enormity of it doesn’t sink in until you’ve moved and the novelty of the new country/home/job has worn off.

Its worst on special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, christmas. For christmas this year we had a Skype conference call with my sister in L.A and my mom in the UK.

It’s not the same, but I am still very grateful for Skype video calling! Its Friday evening here and I just spent an hour talking to my sister in the US where it is Thursday evening – we usually video call and then carry on with whatever we need to do, chatting as we do it. So this evening she was working in Photoshop, giving a visiting friend directions and printing Vinyl (she’s super talented!) and I was rocking DestructaBoy to sleep, entertaining the Diva and having a cuppa.

It was nice to just chat – even though I wish we could share a meal and talk all night. Anyway, I took a sneaky Skype pic while she was on, so here she is…

P.s Loving the cleavage La!


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7 thoughts on “Thank heavens for Skype

  1. I can imagine it is lonely, sounds like it is a perfect means of keeping in touch for you.

    I dont like Skype at all, it is really mean of me as friends and family want to and I just avoid it – it is a very uncomfortable form of chatting to me.

  2. Skype is great.

    Our problem is that my mom hasn’t got internet access so no skype and my in laws live in rural France and have been waiting for the interwebs for 4 months.

    Enjoy the skyping! It’s so fun.

  3. Love how you multitask 🙂

  4. I love Skype. It does make it easier sometimes.

  5. David and his brother talk on skype – he is in the states and I love it. We all get to say hi – its much fun!

    My folks are going to CT and we are making sure the skype is set up 🙂

  6. Bronwyn on said:

    And WHY do I not know about this blog site? Hmm?
    I totally agree with this post. Even being in CT I have the same thing – to a lesser degree. I Skype my Mom using my skype and her phone (still cheaper than using my cell) and I can’t wait to get her familiar enough with her computer that I can tell her to logon and we can have free calls!

    • Shhhh… its a secret squirrel site 😉

      Was waiting until my FB privacy settings were changed to lock out arb work contacts before I posted any blog links – glad you’ve found it and subscribed (I did the “yay, I have a subscriber!” dance around the lounge)

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