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The most important thing I’m putting off

Today’s post a day 2011 topic is “what’s the most important thing you’re putting off?”

I am putting off losing weight. I am putting off eating less and I am putting off exercising more.

Thing is I’m not really overweight. I am 5 – 10kg’s heavier than my “happy” weight. But its been 10 years and I have had 3 pregnancies, 2 babies, and a good deal of breastfeeding. I think I should be given a break – I think this should be my new happy weight. I like the softer rounded edges! I like the dimples and ripples, the stretchmarks and scars. They have been well-earned, marks of a life lived well. I don’t want to have to look like I did when I was 19.

I love food and loathe exercise, I know I need a little balance in my life but I’ll try to restore the balance when I’m getting more than 3 hours sleep in a row. So, I’m putting it off for the forseeable future – and comments about how I really need to start exercising, about how I am “treating myself well” and any references to baby weight are going to be binned as they well deserve. This is not baby weight, its MY weight.


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6 thoughts on “The most important thing I’m putting off

  1. “This is not baby weight, its MY weight.”

    Those are honestly the most powerful words I have read in ages!

    Nothing more to say… May have to post in response but I’ll let you know 😀

  2. HA HA love love love it!!!! Said as only my friend can – I miss you so much

  3. Nice post. I still have to visit WordPress’ tips on the ‘postaday2011″ challenge. Still have so much in mind to write about.

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