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The wackiest advice I’ve ever heard

Today’s Post a Day 2011 topic is the wackiest advice I’ve ever heard.

Most of the wackiest advice I’ve heard has been pregnancy, birth or parenting related – you know, everyone’s an expert…

When my mother saw a pic on Facebook of me carrying DestructaBoy in a Moby Wrap she posted me newspaper clippings about babies suffocating in slings (incidentally they were bag slings, not something I own or use but she is still very concerned).

There was the colleague who while I was pregnant – and we were in an elevator – decided to give me advice on perineal massage that included a demonstration (using just her hands thank g*d). And another rather rotund male colleague who saw me making two slices of toast with avo for lunch and said “you know its a blessing, not an excuse, right?” and when I said “what?” he replied “the baby, its a blessing… not an excuse to eat. Thats a LOT of food”. Ass.

Other odd advice given is usually about co-sleeping (I’m going to roll on my child and kill him), breastfeeding (apparently 5 months is too long) and sleeping in general (the words “rod for your own back” get mentioned rather a lot).

Aah the joys!


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3 thoughts on “The wackiest advice I’ve ever heard

  1. “Start as you mean to go on…”
    “he is old enough to sleep through… do you want him in your bed at 15months/12 years?”
    “Just give him solids” – this was at 6 weeks from my MIL!

    Argh! People and their parenting advice 😛

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