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Is he a good baby?

Why is it that when people meet a mom with a baby they usually ask two questions…

Is he a good baby?

Does he sleep through the night?

First off, is there any such thing as a bad baby? They’re all good babies, right? I’m never quite sure what they mean by this but I figure they’re just trying to make conversation so I smile and say that yes, he’s a wonderful baby. And then, is it related at all to the second question (that always follows). Is he only a good baby if he sleeps through the night?

When I say “yes, he’s wonderful” and then follow it with “no, he doesn’t sleep through the night” there’s sometimes this confused look as though the two are mutually exclusive.

Anyhoo… just something I find a bit odd.

I hate the sleeping through question! Sometimes I’m absolutely fine about him not sleeping through and other days I’m not. On the “not” days I’d happily put my head through the nearest plate glass window the minute someone asks me about it, or worse, tells me about their baby who slept through from 6 weeks.

Do you get any odd baby/parenting questions?


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8 thoughts on “Is he a good baby?

  1. You know that I am with you on that! Monkey was a non-sleeper 🙂 But an awesome baby…

    I hated the “you’re breastfeeding him at 18 months??!!” and the “co-sleeping??!!” questions.

    • Co-sleeping questions are always a minefield, I haven’t reached the extended breastfeeding stage yet but I’m already trying to say “I am breastfeeding” instead of “I am still breastfeeding” because “still” implies its gone on longer than expected/planned, kwim?

  2. I always tell people when they ask that stupid question “She sleeps perfectly for her age” It confuses the hell out of them 🙂

  3. Oh I am so odd in all my parenting things people ask questions at their peril.
    But I am okay with being unconventional, fun to watch some of the reactions to home water birth, co sleeping, happy free, extended breast feeding, baby wearing, etc.
    If good was sleeping through then no I did not have good babies

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