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Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself

I hate my lack of willpower when it comes to food and exercise.

I loathe exercise, absolutely loathe it. I see people running/cycling/swimming and they make it look so easy, and fun! Then I try it myself and realise I’d rather set my hair on fire than put myself through it again. Exercise HURTS. Its not fun. Not during and certainly not after. I’ve only twice found a sport I enjoyed and if I am being honest rewarding myself with pies and hot chocolate afterwards probably played a significant role in my enjoyment.

I feel the opposite about food. I can think of nothing I enjoy more than a good meal. Savoury, sweet… whatever. I love food and lots of it. I get obsessive about one food thing and then eat it constantly for a month before moving onto the next obsession. Unfortunately chewy caramel Timtams have held my attention for the last 5 months (before that was chocolate slices and lactation cookies).

I can hear my thighs expanding just typing this post 😦


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5 thoughts on “Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself

  1. Well done you! I completely understand your hatred of excercise. I only ever did well at one sport and it too was hugely linked to the chocolate cake and hot chocolate I ate afterwards. And as you know – food is a love of mine too… Keep up with my attempt at going the route of four non meat mains a week and less coffee (gasp)!

    Really looking forward to the next 29 Days!

  2. I know I ran the comrades once but it seems like such a distant memory, now I would much rather sit here and eat chocolate. I am sure my butt and thighs have expanded at double the rate of my bump.

    So glad that you are blogging

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